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Europa Terra Nostra Author Sascha Roßmüller Features as Guest on the Fullmoon Ancestry Show

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On Thursday, 8th October, Europa Terra Nostra author Sascha Roßmüller followed Dan Eriksson and Ivan Bilokapic as a featured guest on the Fullmoon Ancestry Show podcast. Sascha has published several books, including Europe Contra EU and Geopolitische Zeitenwende. The hour-long conversation included the covering of several topics, ranging from personal issues – such as how Sascha initially became sympathetic to the ideology of nationalism, and his experiences with political repression – culture, politics and Europa Terra Nostra itself. Further discussion between Fullmoon Ancestry and Sascha led to the eventual analysis of current developments affecting Europe in the areas of demographics, free speech, societal transformation, and ongoing challenges for nationalism. Further discussion then ensued regarding how best to promote and advance the nationalist cause through practical means. Finally, Sascha concluded that it is not enough for one to simply hold an opinion in opposition to the liberal and left-wing mainstream, nor is it enough simply to show personal sympathy to the nationalist cause. Rather a more effective stance would be to actively contribute and partake in the cause of nationalism in Europe. Sascha further raised awareness regarding the reality of political struggle in that the sacrifice of potential sponsors can also be the strength of political warriors in both the short and long-term. Europe Needs Your Passion – Join Europa Terra Nostra and the Struggle for the Occidental Revival

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