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#32 Post-Trump America and the future of the European Union

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As two hundred thousand little plastic flags were being set out for Joe Biden's entry into the White House, and with Great Britain poised to celebrate the first anniversary of Brexit, "Undertow" Podcast host Ivan Bilokapic invited Sascha Roßmüller (Germany) and Nick Griffin (UK) for a chat. Both Griffin and Roßmüller have a decades-long track record of struggle for the national and European cause. Both of them have enormous insight in matters of politics, political analysis and geopolitics, so this was a great opportunity to ask them for their expert opinions on the current political shifts and processes in Europe and America. How does the ordinary British citizen view the political unrest in the USA? Does the Democrats' stolen victory in the presidential elections in the USA mark a new era for America or a return to Obama's policies? What is the legacy of four years of Trump? And what were the key mistakes ofTrump and the parties of the "New Right"? How did Britain experience the first year of its independence from Brussels? How did Brexit affect British relations with continental Europe? Among other subjects also covered in this wide-ranging discussion are the problem of big-tech censorship. Tune in, find out and hear what Nick Griffin and Sascha Roßmüller have to say in this insightful and lively discussion. Join and support Europa Terra Nostra, the network-centre for European nationalism!

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